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Iowa Seed Company, Des Moines Iowa

New All Seasons Radish

Free To Our Customers

But Money Cannot Buy It!
Other Seedsmen Can't Supply It!

Something entirely new--just obtained from China. The best novelty for 1890. It
is of handsome shape, stump rooted, and ivory white in color. Equally good for
spring, summer, fall or winter use. Exceedingly tender, crisp and delicious. Very
desirable for either the market or home garden. We will give a packet of this elegant
new Radish to each of our customers who asks for it when sending in their order.
Order early, and don't fail to include this sterling novelty.

Instead of selling it to our customers at 15 cts. to 25 cts. per packet, as is usually
done, we have decided to make our customers a present this year, which we are sure
they will appreciate. It will be sent to customers of this year only, and only one packet
to each, regardless of the size of their order. We think we have enough seed to go the
rounds, so that all can try it, but be sure to order early. Is it not worth at least a
small order to obtain such a valuable novelty, free?


New Kalamazoo Celery

There is probably more celery ship
ped from Kalamazoo than any other
town in the United States, and it has
attained a high reputation in all large
markets, owing to its handsome ap
pearance, solidity, crisp eating
and delicious flavor. It is perfectly
distinct, and is of a beautiful cream
white color throughout, attains a
very large size, is of quick growth,
stiff, close habit, while by reason of
its neat growth and showy and hand
some appearance it is a specially valu
able variety for market. It is also a
first-class keeper. For the use of
hotels, restaurants and other large es
tablishments, it is unequalled, there
being scarcely any waste in dressing
it for the table. It is sure to take the
lead among the white varieties of Cel
ery, and should be grown in every
garden, large and small alike. Mar
ket gardeners, if you want a good
thing do not fail to give the "Kala
mazoo" a trial. Per pkt.. 10 cts.; oz.,
40 cts.

Dec. 6 1889.--The New Short-stem Drum
head Cabbage is very nice, finer than the Flat
Dutch. Nearly every plant made a head.--J. B.
Gorman, Elkhart, Ind.

April 17, 1889.--I received the plants in good
good condition, and was more than pleased
with them.--Mary F. Shields, Fayette, Mo.

May 16, 1889.--Received the plants of you this
day, and am well pleased with them.--Mrs. G.
G. Blau, Osceola, Neb.

Mammoth Muscatelle Tobacco

A handsome new variety, originated in the private gardens of the Shah of Persia.
One of the earliest varieties in existence, of remarkably strong and vigorous growth,
attaining the height of 5 to 7 feet. The stalks are strong and heavy, thickly set with
leaves, many of them measurIng 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 feet in length, with proportionate width; in
fact, some of them are almost large enough to cover the body of a fair-sized man. The
leaves are unusually small-ribbed, very elastic, of finest possible texture, and when
properly cured, of a light brown color; of the most delcious and mild flavor imagina
ble. Per pkt., 10 cts.; oz., 30 cts.; 1/4 lb., $1.

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