(seq. 10)




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me I turned around it was a colored
man and after uttering some obscene
remarks, I told him that if he laid
a hand on me I would scream so
loud that someone would hear - with
that he shut of my windpipe sl twisted
my left wrist until I could [share?] screamed grabbed my hand [rout?] agony
back and because some one was coming
along- he ducked down a side alley. I
wondered he had murdered or raped me
how Mis Cavanah would feel. Mr.
Genereau saw the terrible swollen left
wrist-- all the cuts on my hands-- di[?]
rather with that maniac's fury,
Oh why say more I now have
a lovely room in the Hotel Buck-
minster, opn the permanent guest floor
the manager and his family live
here and I am paying only $12.50 a
week and when Danny the bell hop
found out that I was a veteran
living on veterans benefits he is
my willing slang-- he came me he
gave me the tip that the owner was

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