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just to thank me. However, I said I know
and wnet rushing over to St. Jame's
and to the told the Pastor there what happened
he immedially gave me $4.00 and said
that should take care of your room
$2.50 for the nights get you a good
breakfast and if you need any more
come back in the morning. When I went tearing back
the manager grabbed $3 gave me
back $1 The priest was sure the that would take care of me for the night.
I sunk back in despair and
when the Asst. Mgr. asked if I would
mind if he would call my sister.
He told her that I owed a bill of
$7.81 not even deducting the $3.00 and
asked her if she would gauntee (oh my
dear I am so spent so exhausted)
vouch for my bill as usual
because Miss Cavanah told her
the same lies she told Mr. Genereau
the answer was 'no". and so it went
on all night. At 6 a.m. I rushed back
to Saint Jame's and going through a
side street I happened to turn out
around to see who was following

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