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John Furtado
B-10 - R-39

July 12, 1970

Dear Miriam

Your letter made me feel
very happy today. I have finally received
your book "Youth in Conflict." It looks
very interesting, I shall enjoy it very much.

Miriam as time goes by I find my
self getting to know my self better, but
at times I get sad and depressed, I guess
its all part of getting yourself together
agin. As you can probly tell so far by
my letter that I am a little depressed
tonight. So I thought I should write to
you, and just maby let some of it out
that is inside me. I dont really know
what is bothering me, but I can take a
guess at it and say, "I miss Jerry". I
haven't seen him for so long, and we
really are the "best" of friends. You do
undersand don't you Miriam? I guess
thinking about him getting a pardon
someday has got me thinking to much

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