Miriam Van Waters Papers. Male Prisoner Correspondence, 1927-1971. Correspondence: A-F, 1949-1971. A-71, folder 591. Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.



(seq. 1)

(seq. 1)

Dennis Allen July 26, 1965

Dear Dr. Van Waters,

It would seem as if I have taken a great deal of time to answer your last letter, but in truth I felt it best to wait until I had my thoughts collected and the Commonwealth Service Corps had made a firm stand on the SDG issue. I can say now that it is no longer a rumor, but a reality as you probaly know by this time

They have given us a priority rating and it looks as if we will be on our way sooner than I had expected. All of us are overjoyed at this wonderful news and extremely proud that CSC hasshown this faith in us. As we have told them it will be a faith that is justified by every members struggle to be a productive and contributing member of society. In all truth I am happy we had the foresight not to limit outselves to any one social problem, but that we embraced them all. Thank God our founders saw that many people need help, not only those of us in jail. Perhaps it was Divine Guidance, like Don says.

I see many cases of indifference everyday and it is cause for wonder that people can be so limited in their growth as to unable to deal with their fellow man. I feel it is that they are unable to relate to each other and see the need to stress that part of our program. It seems that one learns to relate he is on he is way.

We all think of you and miss you. May God bless you.

Also a student, Dennis Allen


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(seq. 2)

(seq. 2)

[stamped: Censored by M. C. I. CONCORD M]

Dennis Allen October 9, 1965

Dear Dr. Van Waters, Please excuse my neglect in not answering your letters sooner. The only excuse I can offer is that I was busy studying for a test I have coming up and bringing things in the SDG program up to date. I enjoyed your visit very much and we always look forward to seeing you.

I look forward to being able to take a more active role in the program as soon as I am released, but that is in the future; for the present I am happy to be able to study and come closer to realizing a goal I had given up - that of getting ready to go to a school of higher learning.

We are very proud of our program and very grateful we have such good friends. When the students have seen the interest there is in their becoming better persons, it is easier to strive for. A very large part of our sucess is the fact our friends are sincerly and deeply interested. For this we can never thank you enough.

It looks as if we will be given our outside meetinf in about two months. This is a big step in our goal and we are very very happy our sincerity is being recognized by corrections. Thank you again for your wonderful letters. God bless you

Your friend and student, Dennis Allen

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(seq. 3)

(seq. 3)

Mr. and Mrs. John Alexander 446 Lebanon Street Melrose 76, Mass.

Jan.17, 1953.

Dear Miss Van Waters:-

I am writing to you as you requested during our conversation after your lecture Sunday Jan 11 at the Melrose Congregational Church.

Briefly my problem is this - having made an unfortunate mistake in the best which I have made a sincere effort to overcome for five years and so far have succeeded with the exception of retaining the friendship of young lady friends when I tell them of my past when we become serious and discuss marriage they drop our friendship.

I have been associated with the Hillcrest Congregational Church during that time and the Rev. Bodge & Rev. Asplin will attest to my activities and efforts. I realize how difficult it must be for a girl to accept me especially when she has her family etc. to consider and I only think it fair that she should know.

Perhaps some one who also has had an unfortunate experience and having the same difficulty would be better for me to meet as we could both understand and help each other provided that we were suited in disposition etc.

Could you be of help in assisting me to meet such a girl? I can arrange to meet and discuss more in detail with you any evening except Thu. Fri or Sat - or anytime Monday Jan 26th with my Father as he has that day off.

Thank you and trusting that you can help me

Respectfully yours George B. Alexander

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(seq. 4)

[Crossed out left] For Sunday Dec - 18149 give me [Crossed out middle] Mrs. Badger State Person [?]

Dr. Miriam VanWaters. Charlestown Mass. Framingham Mass. Oct,28.1949

Dear Friend:

I had intended to write and let You know how ths Little Kitten is doing but I wanted to giv him enough time to be sure that He is going to be O.K. And it looks at this time as though he will be alright he seems to be happy and is eating well.and he is as good as one can be.Everyone thinks the world of Him.

I was surprised to see that there was a piece.in the Papers about him I guess there is not much that the papers miss.It was a nice little piece and I dont mind.It certainly was most generous of You to bring the little fellow up and acuaint me with how to take care of him I appreciate it very much and I do thank you very much.

I read a very distressing bit of news in a Boston paper the other night.it seems as though Mr Winslow.Of Norfolk is going to resign.He will be missed by all I am sure.

Thanking you again for Your kind gift.and wishing You all the best things for You.

I am Sincerely, [Signature] Eugene F.Budd.

P.S. His name Jackie..

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(seq. 5)

(seq. 5)

Chrlestown. Box 100. July 17, 1952

Dear Friend.

I am sending along these few lines to let you know that I have received the smokes that you sent over and thank you very much.

I met a very delightfull lady by the name of Mrs. Woods.who was being shown the Prison by our Deputy Mr Blaney. she seemed to be very much interested in Prisons and Prison work.I was very glad to meet her.

I received a card from Mr. Kellett on which he said that he is getting some much needed rest.also that it is much cooler where he is than it has been around here.

I have recently come across an issue of the Chruch Militant that has a few pictures of the Reformatory in it.I thought that the Pictures were amazing in the lack of prison that the showed.and everyone thinks that it is wonderfull that tho Mothers have there Children.and the Youngsters are certainly a healthy looking group.

There is not much more to say at this time except include best wishes from myself and all your friends here.

Sincerely. [Signature] Gene Budd.

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