(seq. 41)




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41) 28 {September} 1750. detained from coming home by
reason of rain. dined at Stephen Whitings -

29. Came home, & found all well

x30 Lords day I preached all day from {Jeremiah} 13.23
Old sermon. Read Ezra 6. {Matthew} 23. Baptized
Thomas the son of {Benjamin} & Esther Chamberlain

1. {October} 1750. Hurried in outward affairs

2. Attended a raising of a sawmill of {John} Mowers

3. Visited {Reverend} Mr. Parker, {Colonel} Clark & {James}
Dutton, whose {daughter} Ester is with child, as she
lays by Mr. Herric a Married Man - and
discoursed both with the Parents & Daughter

4. My wife & I, Visited {Deacon} Spaulding {Junior}

5. Excessively hurried

6. prepared Sermons

x7. Lords day I preach'd all day from {Proverbs} 15.19
Sermons [180?].575.76. Read Ezra 7. {Matthew} 24
Baptized Sarah the {daughter} of {Daniel} & Sarah Foster
proposed a Catechising N E at {James} Parker
[next?] Wednesday 2 o Clock PM

8. Wrote letter to my Mother & Brother

9. Visited {Jonathan} Swallow upon business - Josiah

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