Bridge, Ebenezer, 1716-1792. Ebenezer Bridge papers, 1740-1792. Diary, pages 1-48 : autograph manuscript (unsigned), 1749-1750. MS Am 1186 (27). Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.



(seq. 1)
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(seq. 1)

17) December 12・1749

I set out for Boston in company with {Reverend} Mr. [Hall?] My horse fail'd me, and I had a fall from him b[ut] {through} Divine goodness received no hurt - I went [as] far as {Reverend} Mr. Chandlers and dined there and [re-] turned home at night - and was much indisposed in the evening & night

13. Attended the funeral of {John} Warren's child -

14. Received a short visit from {Colonel} Blanchard & exceedingly hurried in making provision for myself & family -

15. Visited {John} Warren his child sick throat & distemper - & pray'd with {them} -

16. Exceedingly hurried in {Churchly} Affairs - & my horse to day - I was put out in making any new {sermon}.

X 17. Lords day. I preach'd all day from {Psalm} 81.11. Old sermons - with part new Improvement. [Wa?] a {Church} meeting Tomorrow 2 O Clock PM in {order} to Choose a Deacon - and to Consult All upon some other matters wherein the Interest of the {church} is Concern'd -

18. The {Church} mett. and after prayer proceeded to the [choi-] ce of a Deacon - There were 38 voters, and John Warren was Chosen, having 31 votes. 3 for {Benjamin} Parker - 3 for {William} Prockter, & 1 for Adams - Mr Warren desired time to [con-] sidr. of the matter - and he was desired to give ansr. next {lecture} day After Service - The {Deacon} {Ephraim} Spaulding made report to the Church that by reason of the fall of the Price of wine and the contributions holding out well he had got [?] of 20£ before hand in his hands, & Church [was] Informed that there [?] cloth & napkin [?] [Th?] [?]

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(seq. 2)
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(seq. 2)

[18] Also the Church chose {Deacon} {Ephraim} Spaulding to be a Trustee in the Affair relating to Mr. Baxters works given to the Church & {Congregation} by {Honorable} Mr. Holden of London &c and voted that those Books should be read in the intermission season if any were read in the meeting house according to the Intent of the Donor &c and desired that our Brethren {Benjamin} Haywood, {Jonathan} Minot, Daniel Brockton, {Ebenezer} Harris and John Adams, would in their turns read in those books -- Also Voted Thanks to {Benjamin} Haywood for his present of two Ca[sks ?] to transport the wine in - And Chose Deacons Spaulding and {John} Warren the Deacon Elect to be a Committee to manage the Affair relating to a sum of money viz £13 old tender in the hands of Captain {Ebenezer} Parker & to make report of their Doings thereon.

[19?] Visited Josiah Fletcher, as I did last night, His son {Benjamin} sick & pray'd &c. Last night Mr. Swan Lodged with us. {Reverend} Mr Carpenter dined with us - Could not go to Billerica {lecture}

[20.] Visited {John} Warren his family sick, particularly Jonas Warren his apprentice & pray'd &c.

[21.] Considerably hurrid about my horse yet sick

[22.] Visited John Parker with my wife in the evening.

[23.] Wrote sermon

[24.] Lords day. I preach'd all day from {Psalm} 68.20

[25.] Visited {Colonel} Stoddard

[26.] Rode to Dracut in Company with {Colonel} Stoddard. Dined at {Reverend} Mr Parker's - PM attended the funeral of {Colonel} Varnum, who died last fryday night.

[27.] {Reverend} Mr. Parker, [Reverend?] Gardener preach't {Colonel} [page torn] Peggy - Dined with


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(seq. 3)
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(seq. 3)

19) To Dracut & dined with {Reverend} Mr. Parker, [by his?] invitation - Visited {Colonel} Clark in the evening

29 {december} 1749. Wrote sermon. Visited {Joseph} Warren his wife exceeding weak & low & pray'd &c. Visited {Captain} Parker in the Evening.

30. Wrote sermon. I received a Visit from {Reverend} Mr. Carpenter & heard by him about my books. {John} was ill of a pleuritic fever

31. Lords day. I preach'd all day from {Psalm} 90.9. last clause - we spend our [days?] as a Tale [about?] John Baptized Joseph the son of {Nathaniel} & Martha Barrat - Notified sacrament & {lecture}

1. {January} 1749/50 - Received a Visit from {Reverend} Mr. Parker on his way to Boston

2. I visited {Jonas} Bates his wife not well - Deb Bates Josiah Fletcher & his son Josiah & {Colonel} Stoddard

3. I married {Benjamin} Parker {Junior} and {Elizabeth} Blodget fee 24 / [?] Mr. Gardner came to my house and lodged

X 4. Sunday. Mr. {Nathaniel} Gardner preach'd for me from Hosea 6.3 first clause. After {lecture} the Church stopp'd and {John} Warren who was Chosen a deacon the 18th of last month declared his acceptance of the church's Choice - {Reverend} Mr. Hall & {Colonel} Tyng & other Company Visited me, & {Reverend} Mr. Parker and daughter [Elizabeth] Visited & lodged with us on their way from Boston.

5. {Reverend} Mr. Parker & [daughter] [Elizabeth] and Mr. Gardner went home

6. Wrote sermon.

x7. Lords day & {Communion} day. I preach'd all day from {Psalm} 130.3.4. Administ'd sacrament. Supp't -

8. Very much Engaged in business with workmen at my meadow

9. A great snow Storm. PM Visited {Colonel} Stoddard

10. Went from [Home] in order to go to Boston - dined at {Reverend} Mr. Chandler's. Visited {Reverend} Mr. Cotton lodged at Charlestown at Mr [B?]

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(seq. 4)
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(seq. 4)

20) 11 {January} 1749/50. Went into Boston and Visited friends

12. Engaged in business toward Settleing my late {Honored} father's Estate & Visited Friends

13. Ditto -

X14. Lords day. I preach'd AM for the {Reverend} Mr. Gray from {Matthew} 5.44.45 - PM I attended at {Reverend} Mr. Cooper's and heard him preach from Ps. 36.2.

15. Engaged in business & Visited Friends -

16. Ditto { NB: Mr. Bean preach'd for me last Lords

17. Ditto { day - which I forgot to Enter it in its place

18. Ditto

19. I returned from Boston & found my family well - but was very much fatigued by my Journey Dined at {Reverend} Mr. Cotton's in my way -

20. Speedily tired with my Journey.

X21. Lords day. I preach'd all day from {Matthew} 4.1-11 Old sermons - Baptized Obadiah the son of Stephen and Susanna Fletcher

22. Visited {Colonel} Stoddard

23. Visited {Ephraim} Warren - & PM {Colonel} {Stoddard} with my wife and her sister

24. Married David Welch and Mary Byham fee 9/8

25. Rode with my wife - Mrs Stoddard & Peggy to {Colonel} Clarks & dined, & spent PM there

26. Wrote sermon. Visited {Nathaniel} Foster sick

27. Wrote sermon. This night died a Child of {Nathaniel} Barrat's

X28. Lords day. I preach'd all day from {Psalm} 10.4. and Baptized {Thomas} the Son of John & Sarah Adams

29 Visited {John} Chamberlain his wife yet disordered in Mind {Benjamin} ditto & Dined there. Abraham Isaac & Jacob Byham & PM atended the funeral of the Child of {Nathaniel} Barrat & in the evening William Foster & Deacon Warren

30. Visited {Samuel} Peckham with my wife PM & I visited Josiah Fletcher, {Ephraim} Blood & {Jonathan} Bates in the evening

31. Visited {Reverend} Mr. Parker with my wife and dined [page torn] upon our return [?]

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(seq. 5)
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(seq. 5)

21) having lately heard of his son {Timothy} his death at Halifax in Nova Scotia - but Mr. Howard was not at home

1. {February} 1749/50 {Reverend} Mr. Parker & {Colonel} Stoddard dined with us - I bot me a horse of a 100£ price -- Received the news of the Death of the {Reverend} & Worthy Mr. Taylor of Milton who died last Thursday {Ætas} 46 & in the 22 year of his Ministry - A great loss - may it be sanctified to all ministers as well as relatives & to me especially -

2. Received a Visit from {Colonel} Wilder & toward evening I Visited {Deacon} {Ephraim} Spaulding - In studdy some -

3. Wrote sermon -

X4. Lords day. Preach'd all day from {Hebrews} 11.25

5. Visited Joseph Warren his wife very weak & low

6. Visited {Benjamin} Prockter & his Mother sick & prayed with her &c AM - and {Benjamin} Howard & {Jonathan} Bowey PM.

7. {Reverend} Messrs. Parker & Hall dined & supp'd with us -

8. Visited {Ephraim} Warren.

9. Received a Visit from {Colonel} Tyng. In the evening I visited {James} Dutton sick & pray'd with him.

10. Wrote sermon. Attended the funeral of a Child of Stephen Fletcher who died suddenly, night before last

X11. Lords day. I preach'd all day from {Hebrews} 12.1.

12. Visited {Deacon} Colburn -

13. Visited {Colonel} Stoddard

14. Visited & prayed with {Lieutenant} Spaulding his mother ill by reason of a fall upon ice - Visited O. Fletcher in the Evening -

15. Wrote sermon

16. Wrote sermon. In the evening was at {John}Parker's with the select men of the Town - upon business -

17. Wrote sermon

X18. Lords day. I preach'd all day from {Matthew} 28.19.20 Baptized {Jonathan} son of {Jonathan} & Abigail Bates - & propounded the desires of {Samuel} Pecham to own the {Covenant}

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