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Lovely day

30 Sunday, January 3, 1897 [vs?]

awake 7 am up and
outdoors 7:45 am and
back and then bathed
and dressed and to
church home office
at 11:30 am and so [from?]
church to [Post Office] and
then [over?] Capt. Loyd's but
he can can sleep and
so I'd was see home
He is greatly ill with
lagrippe and appendicitis.
There the [medicines?]
and [drugs?] then with
[mr & mrs?] [?] from
[Nottoway] [County?] who are
closely couple very
pleasant people. Out
to cemetery with [Madame?]
[illegible] Julia at 4:30 [to?] 5:20pm
Home then office at 8
pm and began my letter

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