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#7 Heavy frost. Some ice. began to freeze
day of morning and last

30 Monday, January 4, 1897 45

up 8 am. office 9:20
am. Wrote Finks
and Lednum, [Post Office]
[traxed?] and around
town generally and
to dinner at 1:30 2:30
pm. Then to office
[via?] [First] [Nat] Bank.
Bob Evans in my
office this a.m. for
some time.
At work all the
afternoon on
[Gregg's?] matters
(having [written?] [many?]
[records?] 7 12 [ph?] this am)
At depot 6:30 - 9 [reggs?]
and office and
supper then [arguments?]
till 10pm and [climb?]
in P. O. Depot. Have
[stryker?] {Lenvacher?]
Have taken 11:30

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