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To the Honorable Mayor and City Council of the City of Fort Worth.


With reference to the case of Hartshorn Bros. vs R. L. Carlock
and the city of Fort Worth, I would respectfully report as a supple-
ment to my report Heretofore filed, that I have agreed with the plain-
tiffs that they will take in satisfaction of judgment rendered
against the city the amount thereof, and I have agreed with R. L. Car-
lock that he will pay of that amount the sum of $150, leaving the net
payment on behalf of the city of $200 and costs.

The agreements made by me, of course, are subject to the
approval of the cinty council, and I can only recommend that the city
council concur in what I have done, for I think that the settlement on
the basis indicated is a most magnificent termination of this litiga-
tion about which I have been much disturbed ever since the suit was
filed. A settlement on this basis is practically only the payment of
that amount which would be necessary to be expended by the city in order
to appeal the case, and it has always been my policy to settle cases
where they can be settled for no more money than is necessary to be
expended in the prosecution.

E. C. Orrick
City Atty

John B. Hawley
City Engr

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