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Office of


Jno. F. Lehane Chairman Water Committee
H.L. Calhoun, Secretary.

FORT WORTH, Texas, Nov.4 th,04. 190___

Hon.Mayor and City Council.


We, your committee on Water Works, to whom was referred
the attached application of G.D. Laneri and others asking for lights on
twelfth and Houston for the market square beg to report that while it
would be a pleasure to furnish more lights at the place mentioned, and
at many other places where they are badly needed, it is utterly impossi-
ble for the city light plant to furnish a single additional light at
present. The plant is badly overloaded as it is and some arrangement
will have to be made shortly to give relief and add more light for the
rapidly growing surburbs. Until such arrangements are made it will be
impossible to furnish any more lights.

Respectfully submitted.

John F. Lehane
W.H. Ward
WR Parker

Water Works Committee.