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Privateer of 12 Guns under Ostend
Coullers seized apress smack and went
off Yesterday came in here 2 Ostend
Privateers and brought with them 2 ffrench
prizes which they took out of a ffleet of
30 Sail Convoyed by 3 Men of War
on board of which was Captain Iohn Dubart
who is going to Command 2 Man of War
of 90 Guns-

Plimouth the 18th- the Rook
Privateer has brought in here affrench: prize
laden with Salt and forced another on shoar
and burnt her with his Long boat on the ffrench: Coast

Sheilds the 18 2 ffriggats
are come in here to Clear the Coasts
of the ffrench privateers & accordingly
sailed yesterday to the Southward

The Enhabitants of Hoy
haveing formerly Informed against
some persons of the Countrey for
tradeing with france they are sent for
up to Town to attend the Councill on
that affaier

On Thursday the Earl of
Nottingams Son was baptized the Queen
and the Lord Pembrok being sureties

Sir Iohn Mordant a Member
of the East: India Company is about building
40 houses near Greenwich for as Many
Decayed Merchants of London and

Camp on Black or Hounslow heath from whence theyle march for Portsmouth in order to
Embarque for the Discent and they shall pitch their tents every Night in the ffeilds
haveing the Kings bread that they may not trouble the Countrey This afternoon the Queen
went to Greenwich to see the hospitall preparing there for the Sick & Wounded Seamen
This afternoon wee received a fforreign Mail which brings Little Newes more [theat that ]

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