Smith College: Arlington, Henry Bennet, Earl of, 1618-1685. [Document] 1677 Jun. 29 (1677) (MiscMS 26)

Document addressed to "Ralph Montagu, Esq, Master of His M’tys Great Wardrobe" to furnish "a Close Hoope of Crymson Damaske with silke fringe for the Queen’s M’tys Service." Artington was Lord Chamberlin (1674-1685) to Charles II of England; Montagu was Master of the Great Wardrobe (1672-1685).


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These are to signifie unto you his erasure Mats pleasure that you forthwith provide & deliver or cause to be provided & delivered unto Phillip Kinnersley Esq. yeoman of His Majesty's Remoueing Wardrobe of Bedds A Closestoole of Crymson Damaske with silke fringe for the Queenes Majesty's Service And this shalbe your Warrt. Given under my hand this 29th day of June 1677 In the 29th yeare of His Majesty's Reigne


to the Right honorable Ralph Montagu Esq. Master of His Majesty's Great Wardrobe or to his deputy there.

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