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The Congress of the United States of America:

THE Memorial of the Leigislature of the State of Kentucky, would respectfully represent, that of the militia of this state who volunteered in the service of their country at the commencement and du-
ring the progress of war, ir engagedin it in obediecnce to the nation's call, many(as was expected) never returned to their families. They perished in the sevice of their country. The na-
tion enjoys the benefits and the glory if which thier blood was the price. Their widows and their or-
phans sustained a loss, which, which, while it excites the sympathies of the good people of this state, has a
strong claim upon the justice of the nation. The bereavement, so far as it addresses itself to the wounded seneibilities of the widow and the child, in those characters, admits of no equivalent, and
but little palliation. But so far little palliation. But so far as it has diminished the means os sustemance, and inflicted want upon
the mother and orphan, it is susceptible of redness. For that redness, appreal in the opinion of
this Legislature, may be justly, and will be successfully made to the Congress of the American repub-
lic-to the enlightened representatives of the nation, in the maintenance of whose dearst rights, they
so nobly and lavishly sacificed thier lives-in behalf of those widows and orphans, this address is
now made by the representatives of their nation, to pay well their soldiers, and to provide lib-
erally for the window and orphans of such as fell in their country's battles.
In out goverment is more excellent then their's: as an army of citizens (soldiers only in time of
war) is more desirable than an armu of mercenaries, the nation's terror in time of peace- in line, as
the rights of citizens and of freemen, rank those of subects and of vassales. Influenced the Forego-
ing and the other view which flow from a just consideration of the nature of the government, and the
transcendant charactor of our own ; from the nature of our late arduous, but (in its event) glorious con-
test, in connention with the importance of the matters, involved in that contest-asalso by a just esti-
mate of the nature of the service and sacrifice required of, andrendered by those brave but hapless
men, this legislature cannot hesitate to invoke the Congress, to make prompt and liberal allowance
for those widows and orphans, in money or in land, as shall be most prac icable.
Resolved, By the Legistature of the commonwealth of Kentucky, that a copy of the foregoing memo-
rial be transmitted by theGovernor of this stats toeach of our senators and representatives in Congress,
with a request that the same be laid before that body, and that they use their best efforts to effectuate
the object.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.
APPOVED- January 18th, 1816


I hereby certify that the foregoing is true Copy of the enrolled Memo-
rial and and Resolution filed in this office.

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