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Saturday, November  1, 1919

Saturday, November 1, 1919

A clody day and it is raining tonight. Jim is in Chatham. Ben sowed some wheat and oats today. Mr. Owen stripped tobacco today.

Josie got dinner. We picked up the potatoes this morning and Ben hauled them home this evening.

Bessie Callens (col) washed some & ironed. Anna Callens come to see a bout Bess being here. She let her stay.

I had thought that I would start to Richmond in the morning but it is raining so that I doubt it now.

Ben & Henry & Lucious Gravely went hunting tonight. Guess they will get wet.

8 oclock

It is lightning & thundering.

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Memoranda (i)

Memoranda (i)

November the 24 1919 I paid Anna Callans $5 00 Dollars on Bessie wages

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