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Sunday, March  9, 1919

Sunday, March 9, 1919

Cloudy this morning. Clear this evening. We all staid at home until dinner then Ben went to Mr Dews to try to run his new car.

Jim went to Marvins Wren Worsham & some of the children come to Marvins.

Doris and Emit & Aubrey Brumfield & Floyd Reynols was here a while today.

We heard today that Ola Jeferson has a daughter

9 oclock

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Saturday August 20, 1921

Saturday August 20, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben worked on their tobacco most of the day. They helped Marvin clear out his well this evening.

Jose ironed this morning. Marvin let Reese carrie me to White Falls. Paul & Roy went. They bathed in the river and had a good time. I caught 20 little fish. When I got home Lizzie was there. She had Ola's little boy with her. I am glad she come. I have slept most of the time to night but I could not help it. I had bin on my feet all day nearly.

Reese brought me home. Carrie & the children come with me. I thank them.

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Sunday August 21, 1921

Sunday August 21, 1921

A good day. Oh how we need rain. We all staid at home. Lizzie Bennett and little Cary Jefferson was with us today.

Earl Bennett come for them tonight. They have not bin gone but a few minutes. Hope that they will get home safe. Carrie & her family come a while this evening. I am always glad for them to come.

Jim went to Mr Edmons barn when he was cureing tobacco this evening. I know that Jim is lonesome some times.

Julia Fergerson went to Portsmoth today. I know her mother will miss her.

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