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Thursday, November 21, 1918

Thursday, November 21, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen hauled wood. Josie sewed a little. I got dinner. This evening I went to George Blairs they were all well.

Ben loaded the waggon with tobacco. Owen and Josie helped him. Irvin Harvey brought a few sticks of tobacco to carrie to market. They put it on the waggon be fore they eat supper.

Ben got a letter from Paul Bennett this evening.

Marvin sent a load of wood to the school house to day. Lee B sent one yesterday.

Murphist Harvey finished his work at Marvins to day.

8 oclock

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Monday, March 24, 1919

Monday, March 24, 1919

A good day. Ben plowed half the day then carried Josie and the baby and I to Strait Stone. They went to Strait Stone and I stoped at the branch and fished while they were gone. I did not catch but one fish. We come home and went to Carries. Murphist Harvey was there at work on their house.

Jim White washed the apple trees to day. I think he has done a faithful days work and a nice job.

Today one year a go Charles Brumfield was buried. Don't know how soon it will be some of the rest of the family.

8:30 oclock

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Thursday, May 22, 1919

Thursday, May 22, 1919

A good day and very cool for May. The men folks replanted their corn. Mr Owen planted some beans.

Dr Wigginton was here today to see Franklin. Said he did not have diptheria He is much better off than he was last night I think. This evening I went to Marvins. Murphist Harvey was there. He hung their screen doors to day.

10 oclock

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Friday, June 13, 1919

Friday, June 13, 1919

A good day. The men folks cut wheat the most of the day.

Josie washed to night. She has the tooth ache.

This evening I went to Carries. She was boiling dew berries to make some jellie.

Henrys duck eggs hatched to day.

Josie made Edna two little peticoats. I think they are pretty.

Marvin went to Altavista this evening for Murphist Harvey.

10 oclock

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