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Saturday, October  5, 1918

Saturday, October 5, 1918

A good day. Mr Owen and wife went to Strait Stone. Ben went to Gretna to meet the teacher. She did not come. Ben said that he saw Tenia Brumfield.

Ben and family went to see Lucuis Gravley this evening.

Mrs Daulton come here this morning and got some apples to can.

I went to see Carrie a while this evening.

Marvin went to Altavista to day.

8 oclock

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Saturday August  6, 1921

Saturday August 6, 1921

A good day. Ben & Jim worked on the house all day and did not get near all done that they want to do. Josie ironed some. Mrs Car churned. I got dinner.

Mrs Butcher & Mrs Dalton come a while. I was glad to see them. Mrs Butcher looks well and young for her. John & Edwin come this evening. I am glad to see them. Heard today that Jack Harvey is on his way home. He is sick. I am sorry for his mother and him. Heard today that Rorner James died this morning. There is several that dont care if he is dead.

Josie is lookin for Rob & Ella to morrow.

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