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Sunday March 27, 1921

Sunday March 27, 1921

A good day. Ben & family staid at home. Leslie Roark and Beaula & Elsie East & the children and Gladice & Hugh and Hildna all come a while this evening. We were all glad to see them. Emmet Brumfield come a while. Paul Smith went with him home. Ren Worsham carried a truck load to Gladice to day. I am so glad that he did it. Gave some of them pleasure I know.

Johnson Reynols come for me. Robert was driveing the car. I spent a pleasant day. Posie & family and Reubin was there.

Mollie had a nice dinner. I want to be thankful for all that is done for me.

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Wednesday April  6, 1921

Wednesday April 6, 1921

A good day. Ben & Jim plowed all day. Josie and done a round[?] as usual. We went to Marvins this evening. Carrie was makeing Roy a suit. Josie worked button holes in Franklins clothes while she was at Carries. Josie baked light bread for supper.

Mollie Reynols & Julia Fergerson come from Portsmot to day.

Mrs Walter Mills was buried this evening. Henry & Edna went to school to day. Paul Smith & Henry Brumfield traded a type writer for and organ to grind. Jim made hot bed today.

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Friday May  6, 1921

Friday May 6, 1921

A cloudy day and some rain. The men finished puting in the lights and went home this evening.

Ben went to Gretna for Mrs Car. Josie and Henry went with him. Jim went two. He went on to Chatham.

Mrs Car and Mr Hobson come with them home. I am glad that they come. Josie wanted her uncle to come so bad.

Reese & Paul & Roy and Christenia Reynols come a few minutes this evening.

Marvin & Woodall went to Altavista today. Julia F and Mildred was at Carries today.

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Saturday May 21, 1921

Saturday May 21, 1921

A good day. The boys planted corn all day. Josie washed windows and scrubed floors. I done nothing as usual. Josie baked a cake this evening.

Reese Smith carried me to White Falls. I fished. I caught 19 fish. Paul Smith went with us tonight. Floid Reynols & Aubra Brumfield come here and ask Henry to go camping. I dont like no such. Hope nothing nothing wont happen to them.

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Saturday August 20, 1921

Saturday August 20, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben worked on their tobacco most of the day. They helped Marvin clear out his well this evening.

Jose ironed this morning. Marvin let Reese carrie me to White Falls. Paul & Roy went. They bathed in the river and had a good time. I caught 20 little fish. When I got home Lizzie was there. She had Ola's little boy with her. I am glad she come. I have slept most of the time to night but I could not help it. I had bin on my feet all day nearly.

Reese brought me home. Carrie & the children come with me. I thank them.

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