Monday, September 1, 1919




A good day. Ben & Owen
moved tobacco all the morning.
This evening they pulled
leaves in Bens tobacco.
Tonight they will stay with
Owens tobacco. Jim has bin
at the barns all day.

Josie sewed some this
morning. This evening she
went to Marvins. Today is
Paul Smiths birthday.
He is seven years olde.

This evening I went
to George Blairs. Isla &
Cordie was at home. Denia
was at Ren Worshams.
Beatris & Gladis Owen was
there. The girls gave us
some peaches & mellons.
They were as nice to us
as they could be.

Marvin was stripping tobacco
but it dried out so he quit.
Ben & Marvin has gone to Strait
Stone to night.

10 oclock

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