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27o Clear N.W.
Ther. Sun. Dec. 6th , 1885 Wea.

High wind all day.
Charley rode over to Riverside
on the roan mare. Willie & C.
Haslup went away "bicycling".
afternoon Harriet Dora and
Edwd: walked over ot Homwood
& back. Young Thompson
called to look at sleigh
Harriet Dorsey's daughter here
for medicine for her mother
Ernest & Charley came home
about 4 p.m.

10o Clear Windy N.W.
Ther. Mon. Dec. 7, 1885 Wea.

Very great change in the
temperature, cold and with
the wind blowing it is very
cold Willie went to school on
horseback. Ernest started for
Elton early and will be nearly
frozen by the time he gets there
Wash woman here. & did
the washing for H. After
dinner I drove down to see
Harriet Ann Dorsey, I had
a cold drive facing the
wind in coming home.

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