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67. Cloudy. SE
Ther. Mon. Sept 21, 1885 Wea.

Threatning rain Bro R.
called & left cousin Elma
Paxson to make us a visit
I went over to Leizear's &
dressed wounds of a poor
horse belonging to Jno Johnson Jr
that was terribly cut on a
miserable barbed wire
fence. called at Ashton
Drove down to Ashton again
after dinner for coal oil &
medicine &c.

67. Cloudy & Rain. S E
Ther. Tues. Sept. 22d , 1885 Wea.

Uncle Henson came to trim
the hedge &c. He Willie and
myself emptied the "tubes"
or "tanks" of the "Earth closet".
Herbert Dublin here for advice
& medicine for his wife.
Afternoon Jas Grady "laid" a brick"
back" in the Franklin stove in
the dining room using the
cement made of clay, wood.
ashes & salt which I prepared
After tea Charley drove away
with Bulwar's horse to my
buggy. Rained very hard
about bed time, with high
wind & some lightning &
thunder. C got home about

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