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75o Clear. Variable.
Ther. THURS. AUG.6, 1885 Wea.

I worked at the "garden house"
nearly finishing it.
It is very warm or hot in the
sun but a slight breeze makes
it pleasant in the shade.
Edwd Peirce came for Alice
before I was up. having worked
hard yesterday I was extremely
"rheumatic" & "sore" this morning
& did not feel like rising
until I must. After supper
Charley drove over to "Grove
Hill" to spend the evening.
home about 10-30.

73o Rain Rain. S.E.
Ther. FRI. AUG. 7, 1885 Wea.

Commenced raining before
daylight and continued all day
with one clap of thunder about
3.o'clock pm. I walked up to
Sandy Spring store towards dusk
Wm Hill here for medicine.
Mrs M. G. Tyson sent for "chalk
mixture" for Mrs Simmond's
children. This has been an
extremely disagreeable day
dark & gloomy, the rainfall
has been quite heavy and
I fear will raise the streams
again and do mischief, as
the ground is already saturated
from the recent heavy rains.

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