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68 Cloudy SE
Ther. Thurs. May 28th, 1885 Wea.

Willie walked to school.
After breakfast Harriet, Dora,
& Edward, walked down to
"Bloomfield" to say "good bye"
to Helen and the children
who expect to leave for home
tomorrow. Mrs. Bryan called
to return "breast pump". Helen
called at the gate to bid me
"good bye". Afternoon Fanny
Stabler called & took Dora
to N Fulford to a meeting
of the young ladies society.
Edward & I put up a "wren box"
on the South side of the house

59. Cloudy & Rain S.E.
Ther. Fri. May 29, 1885 Wea.

Willie walked to school
again & Edward went also
before dinner - It rained
all day. After dinner
I drove Charley down
to the store through the
rain. It is unfortunate
for Helen & the rest of
the friends who are to
leave for Boston and
Lawrence to day.
After supper Charley
went to a party below
"Colesville" at "Burr's"
taking a young lady with
him notwithstanding
the rain storm.

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