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60 Cloudy & Rain S.E.
Ther. Sun. May 24, 1885 Wea.

Slept some last night, and
feel rather better this
morning, but my eye still
looks and feels badly
Bro Richd called on way to
"meeting" Richd S Bentley
called at the door to see me
Helen B Lea & little Beaulah
came to spend the day here.
B & W went to riverside & home to
dinner. Afternoon Hallie Bentley
called. Eliza Bentley came
after Helen leaving Beulah to
spend the night here after
tea I drove over to T I Lea's
home about 11 pm.

56 Cloudy SE
Ther. Mon. May 25, 1885 Wea.

Did not rest very well
last night. Sophie & Alice
Peirce called at the gate
early this morning. Dora
took "little Beulah" and
went with Helen to spend
the day at Riverside. I
was called up last night
to prescribe for "Little Tom "
Stabler. his nephew "Louis",
coming after me. "Tom" Budd Jr.
here for advice & medicine
Dora & "little Beulah" came
home about 4 p.m.

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