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35 Cloudy N. E
Ther. FRI. APRIL 10th., 1885 Wea.

Charley's ankle is doing
very well & he can "hobble"
around the room with the
aid of a crutch & a chair.
Sent John to Julian Gartbrel's
place with the "Fox"
horse to have him offered
at public sale but the
people were afraid of him
& he did not sell.
Little Edward came down
stairs before dinner time
& seems to be convalesent.
The weather is cool & the
wind "raw" & chilly.

35 Cloudy & Snow SE
Ther. SAT. APRIL 11th, 1885 Wea.

Diagreeable day. Commenced
snowing about noon
& contiued several hours.
Afternoon Miss Ellie Scott
sent to me for a prescription
"for her mother." I rode "Fritz"
(on horseback) to see a child
of Chas Hammond Jr's in a
house back of "Bowen's church"
had a disagreeable ride
through rain & snow.
Edwd Gilpin called to
see Charley about "Fox"

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