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20o Clear -Wind Wea. N.W.
Ther. Mon. March 23d, 1885 Wea.

Willie completely broken out
with some eruptive disease that
looks & acts like "measles". Fanny
still in bed but somewhat
better. Singleton Mitchell here
for advice & med, for Jasiah
Bowen. Geo Sprigg also here
for advice & med. Also John
Johnson Jr (White). Richd Leizier
called and settled bill against
his father's estate. Elijah Leizier
also here & settled his account.
Still very cold for the
time of year.

Ther. 25 Clear. Wea. N.W.
Ther. Tues. March 24, 1885 Wea.

"Little" Tom Budd here for
advice & medicine also
Emily Bellows . Afternoon
John rode "Fox" to the funeral
of Henson Plummer. I was
awake nealy all of last
night waiting upon Willie
who is quite sick indeed,
the "mumps" & "measles" both
together and each being
a moderately bad case
make it pretty hard upon
him but he is quite patient
much more so than I had
expected he would have

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