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30o Cloudy E
Ther. Sat. Feb. 7th , 1885 Wea.

About home all day.
Willie drove "Fox" over to
"Riverside" to the phaeton &
brought Nelly Iddings and
her two children home with
him to spend some time
with us. Willie took the
spring wagon & went over
to "Ingleside" & brought home
bundles of rye straw for
the ice house roof. "Charley"
Nelson here & had two teeth
extracted. My "Camman's
perfected Bin aural Stethoscope
arrived by mail from "Chas Lentz" Philada.

30 Cloudy. N.E.
Ther. Sun. Feb. 8, 1885 Wea.

The entire family staid
at home all day, except
that Walter Scott came and
took me over to prescribe
for Lizzie towards night
he having called here &
got medicine &c for her
in the morning. Neither
of our horses were out
of the stable to day except
for water, which is
very unusual. Frank
Snowden & Ernest were
here to tea & spent the

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