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Sleet hail & rain
Ther. Sun. Jan. 4, 1885 Wea.

Extremely disagreeable
Rain, hail, sleet etc.
I drove over to see old
Mr Leizear, Also to "Home
wood" & prescribed for cousin
Mary Chandlee Mrs. Sally
Ellicott called. Charley
rode over to Riverside on

30 Rain Hail & Sleet S.M
Ther. Mon. Jan. 5, 1885 Wea.

"Old Harry Green here to see
me about Alfred Hood.
I drove over to see old Mr
Leizear, called at Ashton
Towards evening Dora had
a "chill" followed by a high
fever, headache & went
to bed before tea time we
made a fire in her "Franklin"
stove, & I fixed a bell
in our room with a cord that
reaches to her bed, so that
she can call us in the night
if she needs anything.

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