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This, we did not see nor did we wish to see it because we
were not in a frame of mind to read it and Noice assured us that,
in all probability, when the Corporation to whom he would
deliver it, had made photographic copies, they would send us
the original and we are hoping that this will be done.

Lorne,in his farewell letter to his Mother, directed that
all moneys he had coming from the Corporation should be paid to
her and he said in this letter that, he was writing a letter to
the corporation to that effect. Presume this will be attended
to in due course of time.

As to the publication of the diary, I believe that you
could perhaps use the story which Lorne has written of his
four and half years in the Arctic and his diary and you could
write a wonderful book which would be full of human interest
and which, at the same time, would be wonderful in the infor
-mation it would give to the world. Shall be glad to discuss
this subject with you further if you care to.

I understand they had a very valuable collection of pictures
and these would make a wonderful embellishment for a book.

As to Noice, we hold no resentment toward him except in
his failure to notify us of the situation.

The first dispatches stated that Lorne's body had been
brought to Nome. Then, the first installment of Noice story was
published in the Oragonian and at its conclusion, it stated
that the second would appear in Wendnesday. (First was Monday)
and, all this the population of McMinnville wwere were looking
for it and it did not appear nor did it appear in Thursday's
issue so, I went to Portland to learn why. I found the Editor
who had handled it and when told who I was and asked why the
story had not continued, he simply said " It was so rotten that
that we discontinued it ." I was unable to understand why he
classed it as rotten but,I wanted to know what there was to
be known and he dug up the fourth and fifth installments of
it and mailed them to me but, I was still in the dark. I filed
radio messages to the ship, trying to learn whether or not the
body was being brought home and phoned to the Steamship Co. at
Seattle and they were unable to tell me anything. Then, on
Friday ,a week after the first Associated Press dispatches had
brought the news, I received a wire from Toronto saying that
Noice had wired them that the body had been buried on the Island.

When I talked with Noice, I said to him that, he should
write, immediately to the Galles, the Maurers and the Crawfords
and not keep them in suspense as he had done by us and he said
he would do so. I presume the matter did not occur to him as
a matter of importance but, it was to us but, it was an awful
suspense for us and the Masonic and Elks Lodges were planning
to pay proper respect to him when his body should arrive and
we could give them no information. However, this is all past
and I am hoping that Noice may gain notoriety by his record
which will make the path of life a bit smoother for him.

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