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V.S. 111

As to Joseph, I have inducedhim him to remain with us and I
have given him a half interest in my business and I hope to
keep him here and to have him take up the study of law and to
remain with us for, we need him now. He is, however, keeping
up with his wireless studies and he will perhapse qualify for
servicein in this line in case his services should be needed.

As to a Memorial.; I hope that action can be taken to
erect a suitable marker of Lorne's grave next year and I hope
that you will take the matter up with the British Government
and I shall be glad to do so also if you deem it advisable.
I believe that a suitably inscribed bronze tablet should be
placed on his grave reciting the history of the expedition
and serving as a memorial for all four of the boys and for Ada
. I would like to be sent with it to see to the
proper placing of it and would gladly go if desired to do so.

I have had letters from the families of the other boys and
they were all in answer to letters I had written to them and the
bond of friendship between us and these people whom we have nev
never seen and may never see, is very substantial.

I am glad that you have given me the information as to the
commercializing part of the Noice story and this eliminates
a resentment that I held against him and, last neght, when I was
asked by the Elks Lodge to speak to them about this expedition,
I told them that, I was not going to eulogize any one but to
try and give them a correct understanding of the circumstances
surrounding the tragedy, I was glad to make correction of some
of the wrong impressions that prevailed as to Noice having
commercialized the matter. My talk was well received and great
interestwas manifested in it.

I believe, Mr.Stefansson, that it is due you to say that,in
Seattle, we heard some very unfriendly comments toward you by
our friends who knew Lorne and they were but echoes of what had
been said by others as well as expressions of their own opin-
ions. They seemed to think that you had, in a measure sent this
band of boys there with insufficient supplies and that, you had,
in a measure abandoned them. This, we honestly tried to dispel
and I believe that we did,in a very large measure, overcome
the feeling but, it is due you to know that it exists.

I assure you that, we do not share in it because, we are
sure that, there was a true friendship between yourself and
Lorne and he had the utmost confidence in you and his faith
in you, I do not believe was shaken even when he saw death
approaching although he may have, and doubtless did wonder
why in the name of God, relief did not come to them in 1922.
We believe that the friendship between he and you was more
than commercial and that your interest in him was sincere.

I have written to A.S.Taylor and John Anderson, Stefansson
Arctic Exploration and Development Co.
, Toronto, and the letter
has been returned by the post office as unclaimed.

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