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eighth of a mile and runs paralell to the beach. Altogether
5 seals were seen (possibly some of them the same seal
seen at different times) and Crawford and Galle each
got a good shot but both missed. We stayed till dark.
(about 4:30 P.M.). When we started for camp the lead
was closing rapidly and very likely by morning will
be closed. We have been living for some time on walrus
skin and a feed of seal meat would be most welcome,
but it seems not to be. A female Eider was swimming in
the lead all the time we were out, but did not come close
enough for a shot. A very old. large bear track was seen
and a very small track, perhaps a week old was alt also
seen. A couple of fresh fox tracks on the ice. Blowing a
fresh breeze from the East with slush. Warm and cloudy.

max 27
min 13

A nasty day. Blowing a strong breeze from the East with wet
snow. Between snow squalls we could were able to see that
the lead off shore had closed so we decided to stay in camp. Maurer,
however, took a short walk to the W. and only saw a tern. Cut a
little wood and general duties.

1 seal K
max 31
min 20

A little luck today. Crawford, Galle, and I went at x out to the
lead with the sled and the luck ran that I was to be the lucky
one. Crawford and Galle did not get a shot, but I got 4 shots at
seals and got a large male on the last shot. I am ashamed to
say that I had to shoot 4 times for one seal. Maurer went to
the harbor mouth and saw a seal but did not get a shot. Altho
this is not the first seal I have killed since our arrival here, it

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