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Crawford + I went to the West to the first harbor
mouth at 2 to 2 1/2 miles distant to pick a camp
site for the coming winter. Wood is quite plen-
tiful and a great deal of it can be hauled with
the dory, with little trouble, before the freeze up.
We found the remains of 2 mamoth tusks &
a walrus skull with two large tusks. The
lead do off shore which opened up yesterday
has widened slightly, and surf can be heard
plainly a long way to the West of us. A couple
of fairly fresh bear tracks were seen in the sand
to the W. Occasional strong gusts of wind from
the N. Cloudy. The only birds seen were, Sea
gulls, ravens, and old squaw ducks.

Crawford took a walk to the old trapping camp
and from the bluff there, he had a good look
to the Eastward. Nothing but ice. Shortly be-
fore he arrived home I saw a bear to the
W. Maurer, Galle, and I went after him but
as the wind was blowing from us to him
he evidently got wind of us for when we
got about where I first saw him (a mile
W. of camp) we could see no signs of
him. The other fellows sense seem to
think that it was an halucination on
my part as they did not look for him

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