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max 33
min 22

was and unable to see them. A fresh breeze from
the East. Cloudy and raining.

max 37
min 24

About 6 P.M. two walrus were seen on a small
cake of ice about 1 mile S.E. of camp, near the
edge of the main floe, on. All hands with the
dory went after them and we landed on a large
cake about 150 yds N.W. of them. I staid stayed
with the dory while the others sneaked up on
them thru the rough ice. All three men fired
nealy together, Maurer killing one, Galle one and
Crawford missed. I then joined them with the
boat. The walrus proved to be a large female &
a male 1/2 the size of the female. Galle was then
sent to camp for an ax, lantern etc. as dark
was coming on and we wish to finish as soon
as possible. Crawford and Maurer and I had
just finsihed the large walrus when Galle re-
turned to a cake as near as he could get to us,
perhaps 200 yard in shore. The ice had been
moving and shifting about, and Crawford,
after much dificulty joined Galle and the boat
who could get no farther. Later Maurer & I
wished to join the others at the boat until a
lead opened up, but our ice cake became isolated
and the ice stopt moving. Later with the as-
sistance of Crawford &Galle with oars & ropes
we were able to leave our cake. We took all

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