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unable to get near them as the ice was very rotten.
An agrug was seen from camp on an ice cake but we
were unable to launch the boat for floating ice

max 29
min 25.4

General duties. Calm & cloudy. Ice still in sight

max 41.5
min 31.4

1 fox C.
A most miserable day. Snowing thickly and for a
few hours the snow was a couple of inches deep on the
ground. Before the snow we had a heavy fall of rain
making it necessary to put on two tarpaulins over the
large tent. A young fox came into camp and nearly set
the dogs crazy by going near them. In facl fact the dog
line came loose once. We tried all the ways to chase the fox
away but he would not leave so Crawford had to shoot
it. Variable breezes.

max 47
min 31.5

Very thick and foggy. Occasional drizzel . Breeze
from the East.

max 36.5
min 31.5

Still foggy and wet. Cut wood and general duties

max 41
min 31.2

I started West this A.M. but was unable to cross the
river without getting wet to my waist so turned back. Maurer
and Galle took the dory and went went west along the
beach to see if there was any chance for sealing but all the
ice had left the beach. They returned with a load of wood
Saw 6 crow- bill ducks in the water off-shore from camp.
A loon was also seen. The ice is only about a ml mile

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