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max 40
min 32.5

1 Eider C.
took a walk to the West a mile or so and killed a
female Eider.

max 39.8
min ---

1 old squaw M
3 seals M
1 loon M

Maurer Killed 3 seals, 2 females & 1 male, on a
pacl patch of ie about 2 miles to the W. He also killed
a male "old squaw" and a loon (?). Galle took a walk
quite a distance to the East and only saw a few ducks
I went to the harbor to the West and got in a few
shots at ducks but I did not have my duck
hunting "muise". No luck When all hand got
back we launched our dory, Crawford and Galle
took 4 dogs and hauled the 3 seals Killed by
Maurer to the dory which we took along the beach
about a 1/2 mil W. of camp. We were unable to get
farther W. with the dory as a very strong wind
arose from the West and with a heavy swell.
We also brough home a small load of wood
in the dory. A light gale from the W. with occasional
snow flurries.

max 40.0
min ---

Blowing a gale from the W. Stayed in camp.
The ice off shore from camp is out of sight &
seems to bee away from the beach nearly to
Cape Hawaii.

max 42
min 26.5

Crawford, with a back pack, left this afternoon for
"Doubtful Harbor" to the W. where he hopes to do some
sounding. Maurer got a small female "Ugrug"

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