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2 Eider K.
1 old squaw C
1 sea gull M.

Maurer killed a large sea gull. There is consider-
able water to be seen off shore but with all this
wind the ice does not seem to be in motion.

2 seals M.
1 old Squaw C.

Max 40.0
Min 30.5

Crawford took a walk to the West after ducks. No luck.
Galle went East after ducks. No luck. Crawford Killed, later,
a male old squaw near camp. Maurer got two seals
to the West about a mile W. of camp, a male & a female.
I have been staying close to camp the last few days for
I seem to have rheumatism in my right thigh, and after
walking a short distance it becomes quite painful. A nice day.

1 seal. M.
max 43
min 31

Galle took a walk to the East after ducks. No luck. Maurer
got a male seal to the W. which Crawford hauled home. Rained
very hard last night and the river is very swift and
deep. Let up for a while but now (11 P.M.) is pouring
again with gale from the East.

Max 40
Min 35

Blowing a howling gale from the W. with snow. No
motions motion in the ice. Note. On the morning of
, 5 walrus were seen swimming along near the
beach, from W. to East.

1 old squaw C.
max ---
min ---

Galle took a walk a short way to the East. Crawford Killed a
male old squaw near camp. The ice went out about 1/2 mile
last night, but now (6 P.M) is coming in again as
wind has shifted to East. Strong breeze. Foggy.

Blowing a gale from the W. Crawford

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Eiders and Old squaws are types of ducks