Status: Incomplete


of the ice. A great many Eider ducks (females) are to be
seen every day, and many more Old Squaws. Variable
airs. Very Cloudly, & snowing in the mountains.

2 Eiders K.
max 37
min 33.5

A fresh breeze from the S.S.E. The ice came in
and nearly closed the large open patch of water
outside of camp. I killed two female Eiders. Crawford
and Galle took a walk to the Harbor about 2 miles
West of here and brought back some fossil ivory,
and some large bones (possibly mamoth) which they
found near some mamoth tusks.


max 40
min 31

Arose at about 11 P.M. so entry for this date
will be found under Ju

max 41
min 27

1 goose C.
2 old squaws K.
A heavy rain started yesterday at 5 P.M. and con -
tinued until 12 M. today. Had to put two tarpaulins over
the tents as the rain was beating them. After the rain stoped
a gale arose from the W. It seems that we are never
going to get calm weather and sunshine together for all
the time during the rain it was practically a dead calm
and as soon as the rain stopt, up came the wind.
Crawford killed a goose near camp and I killed two
female Old Squaws.

max 37.5
min ---

Still blowing a gale from the W. I took a short walk
to the West and killed two females Eiders. Crawford
killed a male old sqaw squaw near camp and

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