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appeared south of camp in a hole near where
Crawford erected a blind a few days ago. Crawford
went after him but the snow was frozen and had a
thin crust and altho Crawford was as carful
as possible, the seal evidently heard him and
"flopped" when Crawford was about 60 yds. from
him. Later he came up again and Crawford start-
ed again. Along came a bunch of ducks by
camp and Galle & I banged away at them and
down went our seal. We decided to take watch
and watch for a while and altho one of us was
continually behind the "blind" the seal did not
appear again. Light br. from W. Nearly clear.

1 seal

max 37.0
min 23.5

Early this morning Maurer woke up and went
out of the tent and saw the seal mentioned yesterday
on the ice. He went out, and shortly after awakened
us with the news that he had hauled him to camp.
A male, medium size, ordinarily fat. In the afternoon
Craw. & I took a walk up the river and saw some
geese feeding. I sneaked to about 75 yds. of them
with my rifle, got two lined up, shot and killed
one. A "Snow goose" I think. Male. Blowing a
strong breeze from the East. 50% clear. A

max 42.0
min 28.5

The most miserable day imaginable. Drizzeling
and sleeting all day. Crawford took a walk up the
river. Saw a few ducks. Strong breeze from the East

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