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again. Our hours are so irregular at present that
the fact that the entry entries are irregular is
easily explained. Shot several small birds of dif-
ferent varieties which Crawford skinned for specimens
Snowing & variable squalls.

Arose late in

max 50.0
min 28.0

Arose late in the afternoon. Saw a seal to the
East which Crawford attempted to approach with
no success. I later saw a seal to the South, at the
same place mentioned in yesterdays entry and af-
ter crawling for around 1/4 mile, I reached to what
I thought was about 150 yds from him. In my
extreme carfulness to get him, I was too car-
ful for I shot over. On measuring, I found
the distance to be a short 100 yds. Galle took a
shot gun and his rifle and started in land to see
if the geese we see flying N. can be located. Cloudy.

Turned in shortly before midnight, last night.
At 5 a.m. I went out of the tent and saw the
same seal I had missed yesterday on the ice &
two more at a new hole nearer camp. I called
Crawford and he and I started out. He was
going to try for the two and I was going
after the lone one. His Crawford's seals went
down and I took a long shot at mine. Got
him thru the lungs but he got into his hole before
I was able to reach him. Galle arrived home

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