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to state every time a duck, goose, seagull,
etc is seen. Henceforth, if we see a new bird
for the first time I will make an entry.


max 42.0
min 25.0

Will put yesterdays and today's entry to-
gether for our times of retiring and arising are so
irregular that I can do better this way. Yesterday
Crawford saw two seals to the South and he
failed to get a shot at them. Next Galle saw a
lone seal to the S.W. and missed at a distance
of 63 yards. He previously went to the seal
hole but the seal "turned flushes". About this
time I thought I saw a seal to the S.W. and
after a great deal of wa wading thru soft
wet snow (as the others had done) I found my
seal to be w a dirty ice cube. Saw Jaeger gulls
first time today. This morning
at 1 a.m. I saw birds which seemed to be new
across the river and shot one for a specemien.
A species of snipe. A seal appeared later to the
S.W. and Maurer went after him, but shortly
after he left camp the seal went down. Then
another seal showed up to the S. which I figured
was my meat. But I had no more luck then
the others for when at least 250 yds from
him, down he went. I started back to camp and
when I arrived there the cursed seal had
come up again. Maurer, who all this time

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