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after one. Crawford fires at too great a distance
and his seal went down and stayed down.
Maurer and Galle's seals went down and they M & G
each layed near their holes but the seals
did not return. A fog then arose and all
hands returned to camp. While they were away
I saw a great many bands of geese fly-
ing north. Three bands of ducks flew
West by camp, one band, I am sure, were
"Old Squaws" and the others I was un-
able to determine the species. A single terne
also flew West about this time. I later
took a walk up the W. bank of the river
and saw the first snipe of the year, a
"kill deer" I think. Saw one very fresh
fox track. A lemming came out of his hole
near camp making the first one of them
that we have seen this season. Needless to say
that I am still cooking dog feed. Very foggy. Calm

max 57.0
min 14.5

Saw a couple of seals to the South and Galle
and I each went after one. Neither one of us got
within a short distance of them for the weather was
cold and they were extremely nestled. Maure took a
walk and saw a few ducks. Crawford and I
hauled a small load of wood from the West.
Cloudy. Light breeze from the West. Galle
saw a crane.

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