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max 29.0
min -1.0

wood. General duties. Crawford saw a snow bird;
the first for several days. Light breeze from the
West. Cold & slightly foggy.

max 44.0
min -4.5

Crawford and I hauled a load of wood from the East.
No tracks of any animals seen. Light breeze from W.

max +25.0
min +14.5

General duties. Fresh breeze from W. Light snowfall

max + 30.0
min + 10.5

Cut wood and general duties. Cloudy.

max +54.8
min +8.0

Shortly after breakfast a large bunch of geese flew
up the river bottom near our camp from the South
and landed on an a bear a bare spot some
distance up the river. Crawford & Galle went with
rifles and took a couple of long distance shots
as it was impossible to get nearer to them. They
flew across the river and Maurer went after them.
Another large band flew and like with the first
and in all b totaled about 50. Maurer was un-
able to approach close and on seeing him started
towards the hills. Maurer took a chance shot
without success. About this time another band
flew north and all day we have heard geese without
seeing them. In the after noon two seals were seen on
the ice and Crawford started for them but they went
down long before he got near them. He hid near one
of the holes for a long period but a cold breeze

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