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log I strained one of the msucles in my
right shoulder which is giving me consider-
able pain. Hope it will be better for I want
to give a hand tomorrow. Cloudy & warm.

max +21.5
min +6.5

Crawford and Galle left for the other
camp this A.M. My shoulder is still bad
and I am completely helpless. They were
gone 8 hours. Every thing was brought home
excepting some pieces of board and some
cans. Maurer found all of his trap but one
which was snowed under, but it can be
recovered later in the spring. Several fox
tracks was were seen. Light breeze from
the Earth. Cloudy & slightly foggy

max 26.0
min -1.0

Cleaning fox skins. Slightly snowing

max +17.0
min +6.0

Finished up the fox skins today. My shoulder
is better but was real sore for a few days. Snowing

max +40.0
min +8.0

Snowing hard and warm. Light breeze from
the East. General duties.

max +31.0
min + 17.0

Crawford and I hauled a load of wood from the
East. Saw a bear track two or three days old in the
beach and one fox track. Galle & Maurer cut
wood and hauled ice. Clear. Light br. from East.

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