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the West. Saw a raven track, several old
fox tracks and numerous lemming tracks.
Maurer & Galle cut wood and hauled ice.
Light air from the North. Clear.

max +19.5
min -11.5

General duties. Light air from N. Clear.

max +10.0
min -26.5

General duties. Light breeze from the North.

max +10.5
min -26.5

General duties. Variable airs. Clear.

max +4.0
min -17.0

Gen. duties. ClCalm, cloudy & snowing

max +13.5
min -1.5

Raven seen
Crawford and I hauled an 8 foot log 18'' in dia.
from the Westward. We could not bring all of
it (13 ft) so had to leave 5 ft. Logs of that
size are worth while bringing home. This log
had been sawed off at both ends, withing
with in the last 3 or 4 years. A great deal
of the wood we find has been sawn or chopped.
Maurer & Galle cu cut wood and hauled ice.
Snowing hard, cloud, warm and variable
airs from S.W. to N.W. Our friend, the
raven, was seen at camp to day.

max +10.0
min -1.0

General duties. Partly cloudy. Light breeze
from the East. Warm. Saw a raven

max +13.5 min -4.0

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