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Crawford and I would like to make a trip
around the island but the question is-
dog- feed. I am still cooking for them
and will say that I could also cook for
them while traveling altho it is a
nusiance. We au are like Mr. Micawber
"Waiting for some thing to turn up"
and we are keeping a good look out
for bears. Seals isare out of the
question for open water has not been
sighted for several weeks.

max +14.0
min -11.0

Crawford and I hauld a load of wood from the
Westward. Saw two old foxtracks. Maurer
and Galle cut wood and hauled ice. Light
breeze from the East. Celear Clear.

max +25.5
min -12.8

General duties. Light breeze from East. Clear

max +18.0
min -5.0

Cut wood and hauled ice. Crawford busy at
his first attempt at a snow house. Shot a
few times with our rifles for for practice. Calm, clear

max +25.5
min -17.0

General duties. Clear & calm.

max +17.0
min -16.0

Blowing a strong breeze from the East. Clear.

max +3.5
min -13.5

Crawford and I hauled a load of wood from

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