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1 female fox
day or so in hopes of running into a bear. They will
be gone 3 or 4 days. One fox in the traps on the dog
carcasses this morning. Galle and I hauled a large
load of wood from the East ward but sledding is
difficult so will not haul any more f from
The East until forced to. Cloudy. Light breeze from E.

Slo Saturday.

max -7.0
min - 37.5

Did a real days work today. First, put in an
ice window over the big tent, Second, hauled
ice, third, built a large snow house over the
"chute" or our front entrance, which, when
completed, nearly brained me by collapsing;
thru my carlessness in cutting a door and
fourth, taking the snow blocks of all the coll-
apsed snow house and building an alley -
way, and fifth and last, cutting wood.
Hazy, calm, clear over head, variable airs.

Max -10.6
Min -32.0

1 raven.
Galle & I hauled a large load of wood from
the West ward and cut some. Crawford and
Maurer arriver arrived at 6 P. M. stating
that they had spent the first night away from
here at the trapping camp and last night at
Roger's Harbor. They saw no fresh bear tracks,
and saw one raven. Galle and I saw one
fox track today. Calm & slightly cloudy

Max - 5.0
Min - 32.0

General duties. Misty & cloudy light breeze West.

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