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max +9.0
min +1.0

Galle and I hauled a load of wood today and
cut up and stacked a several logs. There is
about enough wood to the West ward for 2 or 3
months yet and then we will have to start
hauling from the East ward. No fox or bear
tracks to be seen. Crawford and Maurer cut wood
carried ice and general duties. No open water
or signs of water to be seen. The woman has
been working diligently for a long time
now and excepting an occasional spell of
crying seems to be contented. Cloudy, cold
and light breeze from the West.

max +7.0
min -18.0

No open water in sight so stayed abed later (!)
then usual. Cloudy and a light breeze from the
West and snowing. I have been thinking of
establishing a camp on the North coast of the
island in the spring for the purpose of drying meat for
several reasons; [viz]- should Mr. Stefansson in tend
to make an ice trip from the island. The fact that
the meat is on the N. side of the island will save a
great deal of hauling over the mountains or around
the coast, if we dried the meat at this camp. Also
that I think that there should be two camps of
two men each. Another reason is, that if Mr. V.
does not or can not come next summer we will
have all fall to haul the meat to this camp and

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