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seemed to be closing. Crawford and Maurer
turned back to camp and Galle and I
went a mile or so farther thru very rough
ice and deep soft snow, and climbing
a high pressure ridge saw that the lead
had disappeared. Open water then was seen
to the East but too far away to go to today.
One old fox track, and no bear tracks seen.
Cut wood and general duties. Cloudy, fresh
breeze from the West.

max +3.0
min -7.5

Blowing a fresh breeze from the East all day.
Galle and I hauled wood and others at
general duties. Water sky appeared in the
West a long way off later this afternoon.
No fox tracks seen. I forgot to state in
yesterdays entry that when Galle and I
were about three miles off shore on the
ice we saw a very high mountain peak
inland which towered above all the other peaks
in sight. Will investigate it later in the season.
Cloudy, warm strong br. & drifting from the E.

max 0.0
min -7.5

Blowing a gale all day from the East and
drifting. Stayed inside. Calm now (11 P.M)
and all hands hoping for open water, for the
rolled oats and rice will still soon be gone if we
have to cook dog feed much longer. Cloudy and warm

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