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than West, the bear would have been
ours. The woman is again on a
strike, accompanied by a deluge
of tears. Why? None of us Know.
Cloudy and warm.

max -14.0
min -30.0

At day break all hands went off shore for
about 2 miles to a lead running East & West.
We spread along the lead for about 3/4 of a mile
and stayed there till nearly dark. Two seals
were seen by Galle about half a mile farther
out in a patch of open water among the slush
ice. None, however, came near us. We were on the
land fast ice but the slush was moving Westerly
and would occasionaly stop for a few minutes
and go South. Then the Westerly drift would
continue at about a mile per hour. All
this in a dead calm. Crawford saw a bear
track. A few fox tracks traveling along the
lead. Two ravens seen flying East. Warm &
cloudy. Blowing strong breeze (11 P.M) from N.W.

max -5.0
min -19.8

Blowing strong from the N.W. so stayed
inside all day xxxxxxxxxxxx

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